Nothing in the world smells as good as the person you love.
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Loki’s age is 1048 years old




According to the captions of the first Thor movie, the battle between the Jotuns and Asgardians take place in Norway, 965 AD. Around this time, Loki was born.

In Thor 2 the life expectancy was stated to be around 5,000. The average human life in developed countries from what I’ve gathered is approximately 82.

Therefore, in human years Loki is somewhere around 17

#are you telling me loki is just going through his rebellious teenage emo stage




A girl who feeds her addiction for fiction,
with unusual poems and plays,
That she hunts out in crooked book shops,
for days and days and days.
What Do You Look for in a Girl, by Mark Grist (via fanaticfandom)


"Girls Who Read" - Mark Grist

"See, some guys prefer asses,
some prefer tits,
and I am not saying that i don’t like those bits
but what’s more important?
what supersedes
is a girl with passion
and dreams.”


SCIENCE FACT: people who make fun of things other people can’t change make the most satisfying noises when called out


It’s so infuriating how I feel like I am unprepared for this final because I’m not freaking out about it. What I’m trying to say is that somewhere along the course of 18 years, the plethora of tests I have had to take have been distributed under a certain pretense that has warranted and…

Ranbat tourney at Cody’s last Friday.

I have matches at

1:50 Cody (Rolento)

2:20 Richard (Bison)

2:50 K Sexy (Decapre)

I am ass.


Some morning you’ll find yourself standing in the lobby of a building. Waiting for breakfast and asking for a cup of coffee. Listening to music that for some reason is really getting to your heart. You’re just standing there thinking about work and where to get it. Or laundry and a lack of clothes. Maybe more exciting things like books you want to read and trips you plan on taking. Relationships that sprung from nothing fading from your memory. Which I guess is less exciting. Until suddenly you just don’t feel at home within your skin. Wondering of a place that felt like home. Where once upon a time there used to be the comfort of a number in your phone and ears that listened everyday and arms that were meant never for anyone but your own. And somehow just to calm yourself down, you begin to think of times when the world was brighter. Until suddenly you’re trapped in a five-minute period where nostalgia is too much. Your current thoughts of this person have become so foreign. And for the first time it clicks. She’s gone.

The song is over. The coffee’s done. You’re breathing in and out. And the hardest part is waking up in the morning remembering what you were trying to forget last night.

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I’m 23 now and can tell you everything about self destruction. Like how to hold your breath when you bite your tongue. How to dress fresh cuts with makeshift bandages in the dark. I can tell you how to find a job in any city if only to run away. You see. There is a demon inside me. I’ve lived with…